Check-in & check-out?
The check-in and check-out can only be planned during the week between 9AM and 5PM.

It is possible to rent a parking in our residences.

Public transport ?
Studeoppolis:  by train, tram and bus : Brussels North
                             by metro: Ijzer or Rogier

Brusello:            by train : Brussels central
                             by bus and metro : place Anneessens

I’m not a student?
We have some studios and cohousing apartments where you don’t have to be a student. Contact us for more information.

How to pay?
It is only possible to pay by bank transfer. The payments have to be done before your arrival.

Bike local ?
There is a locked bike local in all our residences

There is a laundry local in every Studence residence. T.

What do I have to bring?
You have to bring your own bedlinnen, towels, mattress, duvet, ….
Some previous students sell the mattress for a little price, if you are interested, please ask u for more information.

What is a twin-room?
Here you have two single rooms and a bathroom and toilet to share with another student.

How to change from room during my stay?
Everytime you change room, we will charge you €100 for the new check-in.

What about the kitchen?
Every student has access to his/her shared kitchen. In every unit there are 8 to 12 studentsto share your kitchen with. Some of the unit members has their own private kitchen too.

We are with 3 students, how can we book?
Contact us by mail, so we can look to find rooms in the same unit.

Short stay?
The shortest rental period is 3 months.

How to register in the city hall?
Every foreign student who will stay for 3 months or more have to register in the city hall as student. It is not the same as having your domiciliation.

What is included in the price?
Once you received your offer, you will find the details of the monthly rent. The total amount has 3 parts, the rent, the fix costs (internet, elevators, building management,…) and the provisions for your water and electricity consumption.

Delivery at the residence?
Our concierge will take care of your delivery within his/her working hours in case you are not home. The mails are at the main entrance.

Can I move in earlier or check-out later?
If your room is available it will be possible. Please contact us to receive more information about it.

Clogged drain?
You can easily clean the drain by yourself without calling an extern person. In case you don’t know how to it, you can ask the concierge to explain it.

When do I have to pay?
The deposit and installation fee has to be paid within 7 working days after signing the contract. The monthly rent has to be paid every month before the 4th..

What is the installation fee for?
The installation fee is the cost for the check-in and check-out. You have to pay once the €100 for your room.

What is the deposit for?
The deposit is a standard security fee that needs to be paid within the 7 days after signing the contract. This is to ensure that you respect the house rules of the residence and you take your own responsabilities (damages caused by tenant).

When will I get the deposit back?
The deposits are paid within 2 months after the end of your contract.

Is it possible to visit the residence?
Yes, you are more than welcome to come for a visit during the week. Please make an appointment before coming.

Cleaning service?
The common parts are cleaned once a week, it is your task to keep everything clean in the residence. Please respect the other tenants and clean everything immediately after using it.

I have a wifi problem?
Send an email the internet help desk with the name of your residence and your room number.

Brusello: support@destiny.be
​Studeopolis: support@studenteninternet.be