Common questions


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How does the booking procedure work? 
Choose your desired room based on the information and availability on our extensive website. 
After completing the booking process, you will receive an email with the request to confirm your reservation. 
Based on this, you will be emailed an offer with an overview of all costs and conditions. You may return this document signed and dated. 
As indicated in the contract, you must pay the deposit and administration costs by bank transfer within 7 working days after signing the contract (but at the latest before arrival).

How are the rental price and deposit composed?
The rental price consists of the following components:

  • The "bare" rent
  • The fixed costs
  • The commission costs, also known as ‘variable costs’.

What is the ‘bare’ rent:
The bare rent is part of your monthly rent and concerns only the rent, without additional costs for maintenance and utilities.

What are fixed costs?
Fixed costs are part of your monthly rent and mainly concern general maintenance costs.

These include:

  • Internet and Wifi
  • Household waste treatment
  • Consier costs
  • Technical maintenance
  • Fire insurance
  • Fire protection contracts

What are the commission costs?
The commission, also known as variable or individual costs, is part of your monthly rent. It is an advance on the measurable consumption costs. At check out, a settlement is made based on actual consumption. If you have used more than provisioned, you will have to pay a surcharge. You will receive a refund for lower consumption.

They consist of:

  • Hot and cold water consumption
  • Heating
  • Electricity consumption

Please note: The consumption in your room will be charged 1-on-1 to you. The consumption in the common areas is divided pro rata per unit (kitchens) or among all residents (Multipurpose areas)

When should the rent be paid? 
The rent must be paid by bank transfer before every 5th of the month. Please note, the first rent must be paid before arrival.

What is the purpose of the deposit? 
The deposit is a guarantee to cover possible damage or overconsumption of the tenant.

What does the deposit consist of? 
The deposit is the equivalent of 2 x the bare rent. Please note, the deposit cannot be used to pay your rent.

When will the deposit be refunded? 
Within 2 months after the end date of your contract, you will receive a refund of the deposit after deduction of possible damage. Please note, the deposit may not be used to pay your rent.

Is there a minimum / maximum length of stay? 
A standard contract is 12 months with a minimum renting period of 3 months. You can extend your contract from year to year so that you can stay with us throughout your study period.

Will my contract be automatically renewed? 
Your contract will not be automatically renewed. We will send you an email with information about the check-out procedure a few months before the end date of your contract.

How do I extend my (annual) contract? 
You can extend your (annual) contract by requesting so by email. We will prepare a new contract for you, possibly with indexation of the rent.

How does the check-in and check-out procedure work? 
Check-in and check-out can only be arranged by appointment. Arrival and departure is only possible on weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00. Foreign students are therefore advised to book a ho(s)tel in advance.

Can I check in before the start of my contract? 
Check-in earlier than the start of the contract can be arranged if your room is available.

Can I check out after the end of my contract?
Check-out later than the end of the contract is not possible. So make sure you schedule your appointment ahead of time for a smooth course of events.

Is it possible to change rooms during the stay? 
Yes, it is possible to change rooms during your stay. Whenever you change rooms, we will charge additional administration costs and an incoming and outgoing inventory will be made.

Receive friends / parents 
It is allowed to receive friends or parents in your room or studio. Overnight stays, however, are not permitted.

What if I am not a student? 
As a rule, only regularly registered students can go. We do have a few studios and apartments available outside the residence for non-students. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Can I domicile at the residence? 
You are not allowed to domicile in our residences. Your primary residence remains with your parents / guardian / etc. An exception to this are the studios and apartments outside the residence.

What if I am a foreign student? 
Foreign students must register at the town hall. This is not the same as to domicile.

What do I have to bring along? 
In addition to your personal belongings, you must also bring a mattress (90 x 200 cm), duvet, pillow, bed linen, towels, pots, pans and kitchen utensils.

Is it possible to make deliveries at the residence? 
If you are not present yourself, our concierges will receive your delivery during his / her working hours.

What will happen to my mail?
You can pick up your mail at the main entrance per living unit. So there are no individual mailboxes.

Is a cleaning service provided? 
All private rooms must be cleaned by the tenant himself. The common areas are cleaned weekly by a cleaning service and / or concierge. However, the residents must leave the communal parts tidy.

Who cleans the communal kitchen? 
Students take turns for the daily maintenance of the communal kitchens. Emptying the dishwasher, removing garbage bags, brushing, etc. Once a week the kitchen is cleaned by a cleaning company and / or caretaker. It is also your responsibility to keep everything in the residence clean. Respect the other tenants and clean everything immediately after use.

Is there an elevator available in the building? 
Yes, all our residences are equipped with a passenger lift in the building.