About the rooms

Studeopolis has over 200 rooms and studio’s available.

Each room is furnished with a private bathroom, bed (mattress not included), a desk with chair, a minifridge, a wardrobe and bookshelf. Additionally the studio’s have a kitchen built inside. All rooms have access to our high performance WIFI

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Room (kot)   Fully equipped room for 1 student, private bathroom and shared kitchen (up to 12 students)
Twin-Room (twin-kot)   Two fully equipped single rooms, bathroom to share with 1 student, shared kitchen (up to 12 students)
Studio   Fully equipped studio with private bathroom and kitchenette
Appartment   Fully equipped apartment with 2/3 rooms, private bathroom and kitchenette

About the building

Each floor is provided with a common kitchen that you will share with up to 12 other tenants.

We also provide a laundry room equipped with washer and dryer that are coin based.

We have a storage space for your bike or car. Make sure to contact BePark  to rent a parking spot.

And lastly we have a beautiful private inner garden where you can have lunch or relax with other tenants.


In addition we also have a private gym for your personal workouts for free.

Ludeopolis where you can chill out with other tenants.

Studeopolis for quiet study sessions or project meetings.

Virtual Tour

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